To respond Transformation of Arts and Industry

To respond Innovative Knowledge Economy

To Coordinate the Policies of Cultural and Creative Industries

To coordinate the policies of Community empowerment



At GSCID we’re 100% real in our approach to creative education.
The purpose of the establishment of the Institute is to combine "technology industry" and "cultural creativity". In order to achieve the purposes of "cultural creativity, community empowerment, life design, and market Taiwan", we experience the regional cultural characteristics, create value-added cultural and creative design, and promote Taiwan through the process of culture, creativity and design which are based on the diversity of Nation Taiwan University of Arts. We develop “local industry” and “regional knowledge economy” through the "cultural and creative value-added products" and "regional creative industries".

  • To respond Transformation of Arts and Industry

    The direction of our current efforts is to enhance "value added" products with OBM (Own Branding & Manufacturing). Future innovative design is the integration of art, culture and science, and in order to solve social problems, as well as reshape the human lifestyle. In the 21st century, digital technology with "human and culture oriented” is more important for the industry, which is the cultural creative industry. Therefore, the purpose of our institute is to convert "culture" to "creativity" and value-added "design", and to create "value-added industries" through cultural innovation.

  • To respond Innovative Knowledge Economy

    The creative industries are corresponding to the new ideas of the 21st century, as well as an important part of knowledge-based economy. Human wisdom, creativity, entrepreneurship and agility are the good basis for the development of creative industries. Government not only strengthens basic industries but also actively promotes creative industries. It has injected new elements to economic development. "Knowledge", Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) divides the ultimate goal of education into three broad categories: reason, knowledge, and wisdom. (see MIT, Report of the Presidential Task Force Student Life and Learning, 1998). "Research, academics, and community" is the bounden duty of a university professor. Because "research," inspires knowledge, "teaching" aims to disseminate knowledge, and finally applies knowledge in practice. The purpose of research is to analyze and integrate raw data into useful information which called "information value-added" - reasoning stage. To analyze and summarize information into useful knowledge is "knowledge value-added" - knowledge stage. After the transmission of knowledge through creative teaching, knowledge is used flexibly in everyday practice, which is the formation of "creative added value" - the wisdom stage.

  • To Coordinate the Policies of Cultural and Creative Industries

    Our Institute is based on the operation of cultural creative industries and coordinates the “Cultural and Creative Industry Development Plan” of “Challenge 2008 ―National Development Plan”. The plan explores how to convert innovative products through value-added regional culture characteristics. It is based on the concept of innovation chain management, integration and cultural creativity, value-added design, manufacturing, industrial design and even marketing channels to reach the purpose of "creative added value" and "culture commercialization”.

  • To coordinate the policies of Community empowerment

    In response to the challenges of globalization in the new century and the era of knowledge economy, the Executive Yuan proposed the "Challenge 2008 - National Development Plan" to" Invest in manpower", "Invest in Innovation and R&D", "Strengthen internal and external flow networks", and "Invest in the Living Environment. Our government promoted the selected ten key projects to implement construction and enhanced national competitiveness. National Taiwan University of Arts is the first school to set up a " Graduate School of Creative Industry Design (PhD) " in Taiwan with the thinking of the new century. We develop a positive corresponding to this major national policy and have significance social responsibility.

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